Google Chrome Fullscreen

Have a problem with Google Chrome not willing to exit fullscreen mode (by F11, or clicking “Exit full screen” bubble link) when run on a secondary monitor on my Fedora. Pretty annoying and the only way to restore to normal was to re-open chrome, but this is not always a good thing for me.

Today I finally figured out the way to exit fullscreen without a need to reopen Chrome:

  • press Ctrl+N to open new Chrome window (it will open on main monitor and not in fullscreen mode)
  • go to settings and select “Use system title bar and borders”
  • go back to the fullscreen window of Chrome that is on the secondary monitor and press F11 to get it out the fullscreen (this time it will work)
  • untick the “Use system title bar and borders” in settings to get back a normal look

A bit messy, but I hope one day this bug will be sorted out.

PrimeTel SIM card replacement

PayAsYouGoOk, as I had couple of post here and here with regards to issues I faced with PrimeTel and the fact that my wifi did a nice post in her blog concerning the issue of changing PrimeTel pay as you go SIM card from normal to mini, I will be short this time.

What I had:

  • CYTA SoEasy normal size SIM card for regular guests who come from abroad to me and want to use local phone.
  • PrimeTel pay-as-you-go normal size complimentary SIM card that I received from PrimeTel for my wife to try.
  • My wife’s Sony Xperia S that needs can accept a mini-SIM only.
  • My wife’s CYTA SoEasy mini size SIM card that was given to my wife free of charge in the first CYTA shop on our way when we go the Sony Xperia S mentioned above as a replacement for the normal size SIM card that my wife used in her old phone.
  • Verified fact by many hours of playing Ingress outdoor using my and my wife’s mobiles that PrimeTel 3G works way better than CYTA 3G.

What I thought of doing:

  • Replace the PrimeTel pay-as-you-go normal size complimentary SIM card (not activated, not removed from original plastic card container) with PrimeTel pay-as-you-go mini size SIM so that my wife can try it and enjoy good quality 3G
  • Keep both CYTA SoEasy SIM cards for guests and give them an option to use normal size or mini, depending on their mobile device, as well as use these cards as a backup personally if I need.

SIMWhat I end up with:

  • I was told by PrimeTel customer support in the PrimeTel shop that to replace a SIM card I need to pay 10 euro. This is completely weird, as the price of the actual PrimeTel pay-as-you go SIM card is 7.50 euro and that include 6 euro talk +5MB 3G. How come?
  • My wife said: “Fuck that! Now I will stay on CYTA SoEasy for sure and nothing gonna change my decision, as I am fed up with this way of doing things”.
  • I will replace CYTA SoEasy normal size SIM card that I currently have for guests to a mini SIM for free at the first CYTA shop I manage to pass by.
  • I will keep the PrimeTel pay-as-you-go normal size SIM card as an alternative for guests.
  • I will continue using PrimeTel post-paid SIM as I have now in my phone, since I am pretty satisfied how it works for time-being, but I am sure that my wife will never switch to PrimeTel after all of this.

It is really pity that small things that really matter are not well dealt with. You can have good quality products, but minor mistakes can spoil everything…

Cutting Image Background with ImageMagick

Here is a small sequence of commands to cut the image of background (given that background is a solid color):

TMP_COLOR=`convert $ORIG_IMAGE_NAME -crop 1x1+0+0 txt:- | sed -n 's/.*\(#\S\+\).*/\1/p'`;
convert $ORIG_IMAGE_NAME -bordercolor $TMP_COLOR -border 1x1 -alpha set -channel RGBA -fuzz 30% -fill none -floodfill +0+0 $TMP_COLOR -shave 1x1 $NEW_IMAGE_NAME

Just change the first to vars. You can also adjust the fuzz percentage if needed.

DNS wildcard observations

Had an interesting case with DNS wildcard records: if you have a wildcard (*) A record – it works pretty fine, but if you specify a CNAME record to point to non-existing A record (which would normally be satisfied by wildcard A record) it won’t work, at least in the case I had. So as an example if you have:

Zone file for domain1
* IN A

Zone file for domain2:
host1 IN CNAME host1.domain1.

Then any query for host1.domain1 will resolve with no problems, but when you will try to resolve the host1.domain2 – it will fail. For this case you need to explicitly specify the host1.domain1. as follows:

Zone file for domain1
host1 IN A
* IN A

Interesting case, just to remember for the next time…

GNOME3 Delete button in Nautilus

Just noticed that Delete button in Nautilus of GNOME3 does not delete a file. Either Shift+Delete should be used to delete file completely or Ctrl+Delete for normal removal to Trash.

If you use Nautilus a lot and would like to get normal (old-style) behaviour, check out these post:

Basically you need to enable accels key editing in Gnome with gsettings (or gconf-editor), then reassign a button you wish and then disable change of accels key back (unless you want to have it permanently on, which I don’t advice, otherwise you might mess a bit by accident),