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Google Chrome Fullscreen

Have a problem with Google Chrome not willing to exit fullscreen mode (by F11, or clicking “Exit full screen” bubble link) when run on a secondary monitor on my Fedora. Pretty annoying and the only way to restore to normal was to re-open chrome, but this is not always a good thing for me. Today […]

PrimeTel SIM card replacement

Ok, as I had couple of post here and here with regards to issues I faced with PrimeTel and the fact that my wifi did a nice post in her blog concerning the issue of changing PrimeTel pay as you go SIM card from normal to mini, I will be short this time. What I […]

Cutting Image Background with ImageMagick

Here is a small sequence of commands to cut the image of background (given that background is a solid color): ORIG_IMAGE_NAME=green.jpg; NEW_IMAGE_NAME=green-trans.png; TMP_COLOR=`convert $ORIG_IMAGE_NAME -crop 1×1+0+0 txt:- | sed -n ‘s/.*\(#\S\+\).*/\1/p’`; convert $ORIG_IMAGE_NAME -bordercolor $TMP_COLOR -border 1×1 -alpha set -channel RGBA -fuzz 30% -fill none -floodfill +0+0 $TMP_COLOR -shave 1×1 $NEW_IMAGE_NAME Just change the first […]

DNS wildcard observations

Had an interesting case with DNS wildcard records: if you have a wildcard (*) A record – it works pretty fine, but if you specify a CNAME record to point to non-existing A record (which would normally be satisfied by wildcard A record) it won’t work, at least in the case I had. So as […]

GNOME3 Delete button in Nautilus

Just noticed that Delete button in Nautilus of GNOME3 does not delete a file. Either Shift+Delete should be used to delete file completely or Ctrl+Delete for normal removal to Trash. If you use Nautilus a lot and would like to get normal (old-style) behaviour, check out these post: Basically you need to enable accels key […]

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