Few more site enchansements

Few more things changed on my blog:

  • removed old and obsolete plugins, replacing them with something newer and better where possible
  • added Social Login plugin to allow users to leave comments with their credentials from Facebook, Google and so on
  • improved comments
  • added buttons to share posts in different networks (again social stuff)
  • changed contact form
  • added light interface for mobile users
  • fixed theme to support menus
  • removed WP Flickr Gallery and replaced photos link to point directly to Flickr
  • some other minor rearrangements

If you see something weird or feel like something is missing – let me know.

Theme change

Finally I got some time to play with my blog settings. Changed theme, changed few plugins. Hope all works fine.

Missing few plugins, but couldn’t find anything good:

  • Flickr widget. I used to have FlickPress, but somehow it has few errors in the code and I am too lazy to fix them. This errors caused occasional braking of widgets following after flickr widget in the flow. I need a widget that can display N pictures from my flickr page in random order and lightbox (or similar) popup when pressed. Or have something similar to (newly installed) instagram widget, where random pics are shown with timeout rotation
  • Foursquare map widget. All the widgets I tried failed :-( I need a simple map with my last check in, that’s it

The rest of the things look fine.

If you notice anything strange or have any ideas/suggestions – feel free to drop a comment ;-)

WordPress 3.1.3

Just updates WP to 3.1.3. Looks like too many updates these days… Fedora with Gnome and all other nice stuff, now WordPress. At least this one went strait forward with no surprises (hopefully…)

Custom RSS feeds

As per Tiamat‘s complain about Twitter updates on my blog creating mess in his google reader (or whatever he is using), here is a URL to RSS, where those posts are filtered away (by Yahoo!Pipes). Original pipe is here: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=5e7808dfc84475b6b4fc83df775e35bd

In addition, there is a russian category in my blog which is not shown on front page, nor it is included in default feed. You can always see posts here and RSS here. Alternatively, you can see all those posts on my LiveJournal account (and use LiveJournal RSS).