PrimeTel (part 2, final)

Just to be fair, I would like share the continuation of the story about PrimeTel for private users that I posted recently. The issue was brought to the attention of PrimeTel and today I have received a call from their office where kind lady tried to sort out the issues and help me with my problems if possible.

First of all, the issue with money included in the package for mobile for local calls only is a policy of PrimeTel and their decision, so as I still find it weird – there is no point for arguing here. The only two suggestions I would make here for them is:

  • Clearly state your policy that the mobile package amount that is included is for local calls only. I found the info on the website while reading about package description that this includes calls to national carriers, but it was not that obvious at the times when I was getting the mobile 15 package. Nobody mentioned this note to me, sales people just said: you have 15 euro included.
  • Create some new package that would be called something like “Mobile 20 all-inclusive” or “Mobile 20 international” that would utilize committed amount for international calls as well (even if you ask for a bigger deposit like 100 euro instead of 50 to be on a safe side – that would be reasonable

With regards to the downgrade fee, the explanation was clear: this fee is required for people not to switch between different packages every months or so, which is possible if done for free. Ok, got it, but as a post-paid packages are contract based, it would be much easier to do a period commitment, that would limit the options to switch the packages. I would suggest allowing people adjusting their package after one months use, as until that period it is hard to really understand how much you need, especially without knowing the first issue described above, and then limit the option of changing the package to once a year /half year free and with additional charge if you need to change package earlier. Anyhow, as I am a long customer of PrimeTel, they downgraded me to mobile 10 without the deposit as an exceptional case, which I really appreciate.

Now, with regards to family package and huge deposits on it: either it was some misunderstanding or human error, but after today’s conversations I was told that the deposit would be 100 euro if I want my wife to have PrimeTel SIM while being attached to centralized (my) account. Otherwise she can register separately and pay only 50 euro deposit (as I did when first applied). This looks decent, having the fact that 100 minutes free included between members of family package. On the other side, I would still suggest to have an option to add second SIM card to the same account with standard deposit of 50 euro without bonus 100 minutes talk free. This would be valid for many cases (including mine) or lets say when I want to have 2 SIM cards in 2 different phones: one for personal use and one for business cases, and control both numbers from same account, why not?

I left the decision of either switching to PrimeTel or staying with CYTA SoEasy for my wife at her own, and currently she decided to leave things as is – SoEasy. I don’t know if she will change her mind or not and how this will go, makes not much difference for me anyway.

Finally I want to thank PrimeTel for contacting me and not leaving the case with no attention, it was pleasure to talk to you and sort out whatever can be.