Google Chrome Fullscreen

Have a problem with Google Chrome not willing to exit fullscreen mode (by F11, or clicking “Exit full screen” bubble link) when run on a secondary monitor on my Fedora. Pretty annoying and the only way to restore to normal was to re-open chrome, but this is not always a good thing for me.

Today I finally figured out the way to exit fullscreen without a need to reopen Chrome:

  • press Ctrl+N to open new Chrome window (it will open on main monitor and not in fullscreen mode)
  • go to settings and select “Use system title bar and borders”
  • go back to the fullscreen window of Chrome that is on the secondary monitor and press F11 to get it out the fullscreen (this time it will work)
  • untick the “Use system title bar and borders” in settings to get back a normal look

A bit messy, but I hope one day this bug will be sorted out.