Firefox vs Konqueror

\"Firefox\"\"Konqueror\"For one more time I have proved to myself that Firefox is the best :) This time I decided to give a try to Konqueror (as from KDE 3.4.0) in hopes that maybe, due to the fact that I am running KDE, it will work faster and better than Firefox – I was wrong!

Not only that Konqueror is much slower than Firefox (I didn\’t benchmark this since I can see it as is) on startup and while rendering pages, it also do not comply 100% with a style. The issue with styles can be seen with forms: Konqueror do not obey CSS, instead it uses current KDE style of widgets to draw forms what causes (in some places) the whole site to be displayed not very good :(

Anyway – I gave up with Konqueror and came back to Firefox until next release of KDE when I am planning to try Konqueror one more time :)

Database Management & Programming

\"Exam\"Just finished writing Database Management & Programming exam in the college. Overall, the exam was quite easy and contained a questions on ERD, Symantic Objects, function dependencies, SQL and some other theoretical issues. I didn\’t expected this exam to be hard and it wasn\’t, so luckily I will get a good grade :)

Next exam is on General Physics which I am really afraid of since I am not quite friendly with the subject. The good thing here is that since the course is not about memorizing the formulas, but on the ability to use them – I will have a list of most frequently used formulas included at the last page of the exam paper ;)

Server Update

\"RedHatI have one place where I want to update RedHat Linux 9 to something newer like Fedora Core N and at this point I am full of fear :(

Currently the server is handling:

And the mystery for me are the next set of question:

  • To which release of Fedora to update?
  • How to update (cd update/cd clean install/apt-get distr-upgrage/anything else)?
  • Should I leave the same soft or should I replace something (like Exim -> Postfix, IMAPd -> Cyrus IMAP)?
  • What problems may occur?
  • How much time the whole process can take?
  • How to make it with minimum downtime?

In addition – I have space (but a bit old) P3 machine which I can use in any way during the setup.
So what – any ideas???

I thought of moving as much as possible to the P3 machine (web,ftp,mail,samba,mysql), then reinstalling (fresh install) the main server, then move everything back from P3 machine, but I assume that someone may have some better ideas :)