Firefox vs Konqueror

\"Firefox\"\"Konqueror\"For one more time I have proved to myself that Firefox is the best :) This time I decided to give a try to Konqueror (as from KDE 3.4.0) in hopes that maybe, due to the fact that I am running KDE, it will work faster and better than Firefox – I was wrong!

Not only that Konqueror is much slower than Firefox (I didn\’t benchmark this since I can see it as is) on startup and while rendering pages, it also do not comply 100% with a style. The issue with styles can be seen with forms: Konqueror do not obey CSS, instead it uses current KDE style of widgets to draw forms what causes (in some places) the whole site to be displayed not very good :(

Anyway – I gave up with Konqueror and came back to Firefox until next release of KDE when I am planning to try Konqueror one more time :)

2 thoughts on “Firefox vs Konqueror”

  1. I surprised you found Firefox to be faster. I just switched to Konqueror 3.3.1 from Firefox 1.0.4 primarily because of speed. I did my own informal benchmark, but this more formal one confirmed that Konqueror is faster:

    I agree there are other reasons to prefer Firefox on Linux, and I still use when Konqueor doesn’t work for me.

    (Actually, typing in this text box reminds me that I miss mozex for Firefox, which allows me to use an external editor… )

  2. I beleive that the speed of konqueror may vary depending on its settings and settings of KDE (even the visual style of the whole KDE can influence the speed).

    Anyway, the point is, as you said, Konqueror is not the best choice yet [although at some points I would prefer to use it]

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