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\"RedHatI have one place where I want to update RedHat Linux 9 to something newer like Fedora Core N and at this point I am full of fear :(

Currently the server is handling:

And the mystery for me are the next set of question:

  • To which release of Fedora to update?
  • How to update (cd update/cd clean install/apt-get distr-upgrage/anything else)?
  • Should I leave the same soft or should I replace something (like Exim -> Postfix, IMAPd -> Cyrus IMAP)?
  • What problems may occur?
  • How much time the whole process can take?
  • How to make it with minimum downtime?

In addition – I have space (but a bit old) P3 machine which I can use in any way during the setup.
So what – any ideas???

I thought of moving as much as possible to the P3 machine (web,ftp,mail,samba,mysql), then reinstalling (fresh install) the main server, then move everything back from P3 machine, but I assume that someone may have some better ideas :)

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  1. A couple of notes that might make your life easier:

    1. Make a backup. Than make sure that you can restore from it.
    2. Don’t change the software in the middle of the road. First, upgrade the operating system and make sure that everything works. Leave for a week or two. Than see if you need to do anything else.

    The choice of the distribution version is up to you. If you are not in a hurry, I suggest you wait for Fedora Linux Core 4 that should come out shortly. A couple of weeks of waiting will save you about 6 month before your next upgrade.

  2. 1. Thanks for backup advice. Although it is quite obvious thing to do it is always good to be reminded :)

    2. About software – won’t it be harder than to change the software later on if I can just set new software on the fresh installation?

    3. I thought of Fedora Core 4, but I am not really sure about it since I don’t know if it will be stable, what problems it might have AND I need to get more familier with SELinux since I believe it can make a lot of use when you know it, but on the other side I know for sure that it can give you lots of head aich when you don’t know it :(

  3. Changing several things together will make troubleshooting difficult. In case of a problem, you won’t know for sure if that is the new choice of software misbehaving, or an upgraded operating system goes nuts. It is better to limit changes to one at a time. If you upgrade your distribution and something stops working, you know why that happened. When you change the software later on and it won’t work, you will, again, know why.

    Fedora Core 4 will be as stable as Fedora Core 3 or better. It is not a new development, but rather a build upon the previous version. If you are not sure about the whole thing, than you can wait for a week or so after the Core 4 is released. Lots and lots of people will be installing it and all the obvious problems will be reported.

    SELinux shouldn’t keep you from upgrading. You can easily switch it off, if it gives you any troubles.

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