Gnome3, KDE4 – going into Xfce4

After playing enough with Gnome3 I decided to move to Xfce4.

I have tried it many times and I do like it since it reminds me of old KDE 3.x. It is very fast and light, it has all I need (panels, system tray, desktop icons, applets, whatever). And it has a standard design concept (unlike recent weird design ideas by Gnome and KDE).

Didn’t use Xfce4 as a main desktop environment since I was pretty happy with Gnome2, but now things have changed :)

Update: screenshot attached to see how a desktop should look like ;-)

3 thoughts on “Gnome3, KDE4 – going into Xfce4”

  1. Well it is quite easy to create such a desktop layout with KDE Plasma desktop. That’s why I love Plasma with widgets even more than I did KDE 3 desktop: the new desktop is so flexible you can really create a layout that is almost perfect for you or mimic almost any other desktop, including GNOME2 and Unity. And other additional features in KDE 4 are also awesome, like the semantic system Nepomuk

    1. I agree that KDE is pretty flexible and I have tried it few times, but it looks a bit bulky and overcomplicated for me somewhere…

      Some time ago desktops where much simpler and more strait forward.

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