Fedora 15, first touch

Just upgraded to Fedora 15. Can’t say much yet, but just a bit:

Upgrade process

After preupgrade downloaded all the packages and asked for the reboot, Anaconda didn’t start correctly and I had to do hard-reset, which booted back Fedora 14. Run preupgrade again, it checked for all packages to be downloaded. After second try of rebooting from preupgrade everything went fine

YUM update stuff

Running yum update from Fedora 15 gave me some troubles with duplated packages. Fixed that by running

yum update | grep duplicate | cut -d ' ' -f 6 > duplicates.txt
yum remove cat duplicates.txt

Note that you should review what is being deleted, not to erase something that should stay. I had to exclude few rpms from the duplicates.txt file

Some repos also didn’t work for F15, so I had to disable them for a time being…

Gnome 3

Looks fancy and nice, but need to get used to it. Need to find a way to customize things around

System Services

As Fedora switched to new system services startup system, chkconfig and other tools I am so used to do not work fully now, instead there is a systemctl thingy which I need to look into more deeply

Will post some more later on as I will be finding things…

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