Two internet connections: how is better (past year)

I have noticed a post called \”Two internet connections: how is better\” I posted two years ago in the \”This week last year\” box on the right of my blog. That time I did two firewall and so on (as explained in the that post), but now everything has changed and I am glad.

First of all I got a server with 3 ethernet cards and put all the ends into it (two WANs and one LAN). Then I setup load balancer and line failover which works really great. All of the above was done with pfSense firewall (which I really love and have installed at many places, including three places I maintain, plus my computer supplier office as well as two offices of Kean factory). pfSense works just great and has a lot of functionality free of charge :)

Currently I have tested all basic things like DNS forwarder, DHCP, filtering and so on, plus IPSec (static-to-static, static-to-mobile_client), PPTP, Load Balancer,  Traffic Shaper, Failover and ntop module.

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