The Perfect Server with Fedora 7

Howto forge is hosting a very nice and strait forward article on how to setup the most needed installation of Fedora 7 based server, which will include web, ftp, mail and database servers. It is also possible to install the ISPConfig to run out-of-the-box on such setup. I think this is what most of the people will like since mostly they need a web site hosting/development platform.

The only three notes about HowTo (all of them are optional and just other ways to do things):

  1. It mentions the chkconfig –level 235 servicename on command. You can skip the –level 235 argument and by default get it to 2345.
  2. All service starting/restarting activities are described by using the /etc/init.d/servicename start/restart action. In Fedora one may just use the service servicename start/restart command.
  3. I strongly advice installing bash-completion package, especially when working a lot in CLUE, since it will speed up things as well as help with finding out possible commands arguments.

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