Discovering the roads of Nicosia

Being a person from Limassol, I just hate the way of roads organized in Nicosia. Everything is so bloody complicated and non-logical for me, but due to the fact that I have to travel to Nicosia four times a week, I have to find out a way to survive.

Until recently I was just taking main roads in order not to get lost, but this takes a lot of time, especially in the mornings when there is a lot of traffic. The solution was to use Google Maps which has a quite nice picture of the Nicosia, to find the ways which are not used a lot. I managed to save 5-10 minutes of driving by leaving highway somewhere near Tseri village. This road seams to be nice, but on the map I found an even shorter way, avoiding another long way of main roads. I tried to get to this road for the past two trips, but each time I was getting lost, making a round of 30 km in Nicosia suburbs, but I think today I have finally find the right path which allows to leave highway near Tseri and go directly to the road I need (I am going to Intercollege which is somewhere near Strovolos area).

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  1. Depends on from where in Nicosia to where in Limassol. Generally, it takes around 45 min of the highway driving, plus whatever is in the town. In the mornings I spend around 20-30 minutes to get from highway to the college in Nicosia.


    I know you don’t read fiction.
    But this short story (S.King. Mrs Todd’s Shortcut) is straight to the point and you’ll like it.
    I’m sure after reading that it’s gonna take you 20-30 min to make it from Limassol to Intercollege-Nicosia.
    Good luck :)

  3. Hi! you know i’m just starting to drive and in september i will have to comit myself to 24-7 driving all the way from Limassol to Nicosia to Intercollege. your article Alex made me feel like there are people like me on this small, ‘very developed’ island. Thanks!! :-)
    by the way is there a russian Student society in Nicosia Intercollege? if there is i would really love to join, just to get in touch and find out stuff about uni.
    please, just send mr a link. thank you.

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