Status update

It\’s been a while since I last posted here and I don\’t feel like posting something huge here this time, so here is just a short life update:

  • Wrote all college exams (4 of them):
    • Artificial Intelligence – this is the only exam I feel like I failed. The subject is really boring, the teaches does not seems to be confident in the topic, exams were prepared by other professor who is very good in subject and probably did not consider that (as I believe) we were taught not in the best way. In addition the class is kinda boring. As I have concluded – it is like maths for me, but while in maths I know that I am totally stupid, here you think for the whole semester that the class goes fine and at the end you find yourself unbelievable stupid.
    • Software Engineering – this one went fine. A class is very boring and implies a lot of bureaucracy related to IEEE standards, but I think I managed it quite good mostly because IEEE has a lot in common with ISO stuff which I know not that bad.
    • Computer Architecture and Organization – went very easy because the amount of information given was very limited and a lot of it came out of previously passed Digital Systems.
    • Object Oriented Programming (based on Java) – went pretty good as well due to some programming experience I have as well as familiarization with many programming languages. One more time proved to myself that Java is not what I like – Perl is the best.
  • Preparing for the next semester – need to pay quite an amount of money for the college but already have some options. Thanks to all people who help me in this matter.
  • Learning AJAX technology and have a post about it on here.
  • Preparing for the visit to immigration :( Hate this part of being in Cyprus, but have no other ways yet.
  • Planning to go for skiing one day into Troodos where there is some snow already. Hopefully my skiing equipment will be delivered to Cyprus by a friend of mine who is now in Moscow.

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  1. You are very lucky, cuz our Computer Architecture was slightly reminding Digital Logic subject from the 1st course somewhere 10%, and the rest 90% very theory about processors types, that was really borring and quite consuming according to the size of information to be prepared for the final :)

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