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Although I do not like doing it, sometimes I have to install Windows XP on machines which have Linux installed on them. Mostly when I have an option to give a newer machine to Linux, I do so and an older machine often gets Windows XP installed to be given out to a user.

For the past couple of times I have noticed that it is not so easy to install Win XP and to replace FC5. If going the normal way and booting from Win XP SP2 CD, it gets up to the point where it tells you \”Inspecting Hardware Configurations\” (which is right at the begging of install), then it shows just black screen and freezes there. I\’ve been fighting with this problem for long time trying to disable different devices from BIOS (I though I had problems with devices if install freezes right after hardware detection stage), but nothing helps. The solution to the problem was to remove all linux partitions from the drive and then everything works! I really hate this!

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  1. Grrr, I’m having the exact same problem at the moment – surely the Windows install program should detect that there is a hard disk even if it isn’t it’s beloved NTFS (I guess that’s the problem, Windows wondering where the hard disk is)? Thanks for the advice on how to fix it, but I must agree with your closing sentance! ARGH! :[

  2. I think you are all missing something obvious!
    1. create a ntfs partition
    2. remove you linux partition using cfdisk
    3. install windows xp
    4. re-create you linux partition using cfdisk
    5. voila, all your linux stuff is intact!

  3. The point is not about removing, creating or doing something else with partitions, the points is why this happens :)

    I mean that would be ok if windows would just go into pre-install process and tell something like “Sorry, all your disk is occupied with some partitions I do not know/want to working with, so please be so kind to remove them with whatever method you prefer and then come back for the installation”

  4. If you have Windows XP, why do you use linux?
    Basically I dont see any advantages to using linux over windows xp, Im dual booting windows
    and ubuntu. Ubuntu is nice and all but I dont see anything that would make me prefer it
    over windows.The only thing i have been using ubuntu for is web browsing playing
    music/movies (cant play games) which I can do better/hassle free in windows.
    So what are the advantages of l using linux over xp?

  5. Personally I use linux on my laptop due to many reasons like:

    1. I have much better command line capabilities

    2. I use Apache, MySQL and Perl/PHP which is much easier to set up on Linux and which works much better on it

    3. I have much better GUI than in Windows (multiple desktops, full customization, visual effects, etc)

    4. All the games I play are working on Linux fine (though I rarely play anyway)

    5. Most of the stuff I need is already included in installation so I don’t need to go somewhere to find what I need, then download, install and configure it. It just works out of the box

    6. I have better software package management. I don’t need to go and download something manually whenever I need something, just run yum install whatever and I get on my laptop installed with all dependencies satisfied and everything working.

    So from my point of view, I don’t see any point of having Windows XP if you have Linux ;)

  6. @Frederick linux is better for us who do productive things like webdesigh and audio editing and it is infanaly cheaper than windows or osx for that (xp = 89$right now and dreamweaver is over 1000$… FC9 is free, bluefish or quatana is free)
    only drawback is some stuff like flash or silverlight can be kinda a pain(if you have no clue how to use google and find info for your self) and some games cant be played on WINE.

  7. Matt, I seriously doubt you get better audio editing capabilities on linux….don’t get me wrong, I love it for simple stuff and it’s starting to look cool (just playing with FC10 now), but it still hasn’t the driver support for a DAW or for gaming, not that I would suggest mixing the two!

  8. I purchased a Aspire 4730 Z laptop with Linpus linux.
    But my relatives want me also to install Windows for them to chat easily with me on Google etc and my wife also needs to work on Windows.
    Last year or so I had purchased a Windows XP from Microsoft site and got it safe. but never succeeded in installing it (I was using AMD) last year.
    So I want to make my laptop dual boot with Slackware already installed with LILO and trying hard to add Windows XP. I tried with partition types Win959(LBA) NTFS Volumeset, HPFS/NTFS etc but always I got a message like STOP 0x……..(0x……..,0x……..,0x……..,0x……..) please run checkdisk etc. I never succeeded in using the WindowsXP that I purchased. I hope you may be able to point out some step I may be missing here.I will add more details in my next blog, if I am unable to install WindowsXP by Saturday. I hope if you know a basic step I may have been missing, you can point that out to me.

  9. I had same problem.. I used Windows XP and the system froze after “inspecting hardware”.. I removed windows xp and inserted an old windows 98 cd.. Booted off the 98 cd and deleted the partition. After reboot, reinserted windows xp cd and it worked perfect !

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