Fedora and Russian

While browsing through the Fedora website I\’ve noticed a couple of changes that look like more adaption of distribution to russian language.

  • Russian translation of release notes is shipped with the CD (and actually it was shipped with FC4, not only FC5-test1).
  • Updates to release notes for FC5-test1 are available in English, Italian and Russian.
  • aspell-ru was finally included in FC5-test1. So now I suppose russian spell-check should work from the base installation which is good again.

I am not using russian a lot and I prefer to read release notes in english as well as there is not too much need for russian spell-check for me since I am not writing a lot russian texts, but on the other side, I know a lot of people who really want it and need it so I think these improvements will make even more people get and try/use the distro.

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