Moved to WordPress blog engine.

WordPress seems to be much more better than the pLog engine. I have played around it for some time and finally decided to set it up for myself. I don\’t want to bother migrating previous posts and comments here (at least at the moment) but I keep all of the posts from the pLog blog in the database.

3 thoughts on “WordPress”

  1. There seems to be some problem with user registration. I’ve submitted the form, but I never got my password. I tried to use the ‘Forgot password’ link and it looked like it worked. It sent me the URL to visit for password reset (which means that the email is working). When I visited the URL it told me that it sent the password again, but I got nothing.

    I suspect that you configured moderation for user registration. In any way, I decided to let you know.

  2. Strange…

    I saw you as a registered user in the admin area, but you were somehow separated from the main list until I pressed “Promote” link. When I did – you were moved to the main table and until now – you are there.

    Please let me know if you have received the password now, or I can set up some default for you so you can login and change it :)

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