Bloglines Links Added

\"BlogLines\"Yesterday and today I felt like there is not enough readings for me on BlogLines, so I decided to add some more sites to have more daily readings.

Most of the sites that I added I filtered from my brother\’s blogroll since I am not in the mood of searching and selecting sites rather than trust my brother, especially in the blogs/reading area :)

ImageManager Plugin

\"WordPress\"Finally I decided to set up a plugin for images in the posts. After searching the web for a different variations of plugins I stopped on ImageManager.

Actually, most of the plugins were good, but the problem with me is that I have an old GD library and ImageMagick is somehow not working very well :(

ImageManager allows to choose between GD,ImageMagick and NetPBM for manipulating graphics and NetPBM seems to work fine in my case.

In addition to above, I liked the GUI of the plugin. It replaces the img button in the post area and provides with a nice popup where one can see/organize/edit/upload images.