Database Management & Programming

\"Exam\"Just finished writing Database Management & Programming exam in the college. Overall, the exam was quite easy and contained a questions on ERD, Symantic Objects, function dependencies, SQL and some other theoretical issues. I didn\’t expected this exam to be hard and it wasn\’t, so luckily I will get a good grade :)

Next exam is on General Physics which I am really afraid of since I am not quite friendly with the subject. The good thing here is that since the course is not about memorizing the formulas, but on the ability to use them – I will have a list of most frequently used formulas included at the last page of the exam paper ;)

on the mood

As any normal person [I believe], sometimes I have a mood when I feel terribly bored. I can\’t do anything, my head is like a pumpkin, my hands just hang down and all the rest. Everything would be ok if there were no deals to be done, but as usually – there are plenty of important things!

Is there anything that can help in such moments??? (coffee and the rest is tested and proved to be useless if not even more destructive)