Fedora 7

Downloaded Fedora 7 (full DVD and Live CD KDE-based images) and installed the full one. Looks great, works fast. From what I have noticed immidiately – my WiFi seems to work out of the box, yum works much faster. The rest is pretty much the same, apart of new art-work everywhere and less stuff to update (fresh software everywhere).


Its been a while since I posted here and I think it will be another while until I post here something worth of reading again. These days I don\’t feel like i want to write something anywhere, nor any clever ideas visit my head :( Probably the problem is in my daily trips to Nicosia for studies which mess my head completely. In a week time I will have holidays in the college and I will be able to get better sleep or a couple of weeks that will hopefully help me, unless that, can\’t promise anything…