Bloglines Links Added

\"BlogLines\"Yesterday and today I felt like there is not enough readings for me on BlogLines, so I decided to add some more sites to have more daily readings.

Most of the sites that I added I filtered from my brother\’s blogroll since I am not in the mood of searching and selecting sites rather than trust my brother, especially in the blogs/reading area :)

Database Management & Programming

\"Exam\"Just finished writing Database Management & Programming exam in the college. Overall, the exam was quite easy and contained a questions on ERD, Symantic Objects, function dependencies, SQL and some other theoretical issues. I didn\’t expected this exam to be hard and it wasn\’t, so luckily I will get a good grade :)

Next exam is on General Physics which I am really afraid of since I am not quite friendly with the subject. The good thing here is that since the course is not about memorizing the formulas, but on the ability to use them – I will have a list of most frequently used formulas included at the last page of the exam paper ;)