Theme change

Finally I got some time to play with my blog settings. Changed theme, changed few plugins. Hope all works fine.

Missing few plugins, but couldn’t find anything good:

  • Flickr widget. I used to have FlickPress, but somehow it has few errors in the code and I am too lazy to fix them. This errors caused occasional braking of widgets following after flickr widget in the flow. I need a widget that can display N pictures from my flickr page in random order and lightbox (or similar) popup when pressed. Or have something similar to (newly installed) instagram widget, where random pics are shown with timeout rotation
  • Foursquare map widget. All the widgets I tried failed :-( I need a simple map with my last check in, that’s it

The rest of the things look fine.

If you notice anything strange or have any ideas/suggestions – feel free to drop a comment ;-)

4 thoughts on “Theme change”

  1. no anonymous comments,
    no open id
    still annoying twitter translation. Why do you force your blog readers to struggle through you youtube likes translated to twitter, translated to wordpress? AGGH

  2. What you mean by no anonymous comments? You are not required to login or something, just leave some kind of identity like name and email, or am I wrong?

    I don’t use OpenId as I don’t want people to login at all.

    I removed twitter from main page and updates are only weekly, what’s wrong with that?

    Unfortunately I don’t have Win7 somewhere around so I can’t see the problem with instragram. Email me screenshot if you can and I will check if I can fix that :-)

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