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It\’s been a long time when I wrote some of my ideas which are not related to my current technical tasks or immediate life events. This post was mostly encouraged by one of posts at my brothers blog. I start think about blogging from different aspects.

First of all, I would like to note that all the blogging I do here I do mostly for myself. I am happy when other people find something useful here, but since I do it for myself, I am not seeking for any judgments or whatever.

Second is that I prefer not to blog that to write something just to write. I don\’t care how ofter I do write something, instead, I care that this something is worthy to be written, especially if it might take some attention from others.

Finally, I have a note regarding reading other blogs (not mine by me). People complain that I do not comment (almost). This is true, since leaving a comment under someones post for is the same as writing my own post and I will not write something like just \”cool :)\” or whatever since I find it a bit stupid. Many people tell that by leaving a comment I show that I am interested in one\’s life – false (as from my view). I will not read a blog as a whole if I don\’t give a shit about someone, but if it came to the point where I do just read one\’s blog – it means I do care somehow about this person and leaving a comment will come only when one particular post will get some special interest from me and from where I might possibly start a discussion.

Sorry for such a messy post, but I just get pissed off sometimes when people what to make me comment (and I don\’t really see a point there) or when I see blogs where people just write something to show off they are posting.

P.S: Leonid (my bother), this has nothing to do with the post I mentioned above or your blog as a whole. Instead I mentioned it because after I read it I start thinking a lot about it and I also visited many blogs afterwards and did some small observations :)

One thought on “About Blogging”

  1. Blogging means going public.
    When you go public, you share your values with others. It’s the same like listing on a stock exchange.
    The difference is that some people are so insecure that they need instant feedback from the public, even by receiving a lol or a stupid “cool:)”
    They deserve a pity.
    Self-sufficient people appreciate a meaningful feedback or, knowing that somebody’s reading is well enough for them.
    Feedback might come in different forms.
    Exception, of course, for the professional blogs.

    P.S. Your brother’s blogs are interesting, anyway. Some of the readers (me incl.) might be not good enough to respond.

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