\"DVD::Rip\"For the past few days I had to rip around 8 DVDs and I have about 10-15 more to do. No doubt that DVD::Rip is the best application I could find for ripping dvds. It works very good and I have no problems with it. The only question is \”which settings are good for ripping?\”.

I am not quite familiar with video and ripping, so somehow I stopped on using xvid4 coded with fast interlacing, medium sound normalization, big frame, high quality resize and the final result to be the size of 2 cds (1.4 gb).

Looks ok, but maybe someone have better idea on how 1.4 GB can be used when ripping with DVD::Rip?

ImageManager Plugin

\"WordPress\"Finally I decided to set up a plugin for images in the posts. After searching the web for a different variations of plugins I stopped on ImageManager.

Actually, most of the plugins were good, but the problem with me is that I have an old GD library and ImageMagick is somehow not working very well :(

ImageManager allows to choose between GD,ImageMagick and NetPBM for manipulating graphics and NetPBM seems to work fine in my case.

In addition to above, I liked the GUI of the plugin. It replaces the img button in the post area and provides with a nice popup where one can see/organize/edit/upload images.

on the mood

As any normal person [I believe], sometimes I have a mood when I feel terribly bored. I can\’t do anything, my head is like a pumpkin, my hands just hang down and all the rest. Everything would be ok if there were no deals to be done, but as usually – there are plenty of important things!

Is there anything that can help in such moments??? (coffee and the rest is tested and proved to be useless if not even more destructive)