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Mobile app test

Just installed an android app for wordpress. So this a test post from my nexus :-)

Few more site enchansements

Few more things changed on my blog: removed old and obsolete plugins, replacing them with something newer and better where possible added Social Login plugin to allow users to leave comments with their credentials from Facebook, Google and so on improved comments added buttons to share posts in different networks (again social stuff) changed contact […]

Theme change

Finally I got some time to play with my blog settings. Changed theme, changed few plugins. Hope all works fine. Missing few plugins, but couldn’t find anything good: Flickr widget. I used to have FlickPress, but somehow it has few errors in the code and I am too lazy to fix them. This errors caused […]

WordPress 3.1.3

Just updates WP to 3.1.3. Looks like too many updates these days… Fedora with Gnome and all other nice stuff, now WordPress. At least this one went strait forward with no surprises (hopefully…)

Custom RSS feeds

As per Tiamat‘s complain about Twitter updates on my blog creating mess in his google reader (or whatever he is using), here is a URL to RSS, where those posts are filtered away (by Yahoo!Pipes). Original pipe is here: In addition, there is a russian category in my blog which is not shown on […]

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