Its been a while since I posted here and I think it will be another while until I post here something worth of reading again. These days I don\’t feel like i want to write something anywhere, nor any clever ideas visit my head :( Probably the problem is in my daily trips to Nicosia for studies which mess my head completely. In a week time I will have holidays in the college and I will be able to get better sleep or a couple of weeks that will hopefully help me, unless that, can\’t promise anything…

Discovering the roads of Nicosia

Being a person from Limassol, I just hate the way of roads organized in Nicosia. Everything is so bloody complicated and non-logical for me, but due to the fact that I have to travel to Nicosia four times a week, I have to find out a way to survive.

Until recently I was just taking main roads in order not to get lost, but this takes a lot of time, especially in the mornings when there is a lot of traffic. The solution was to use Google Maps which has a quite nice picture of the Nicosia, to find the ways which are not used a lot. I managed to save 5-10 minutes of driving by leaving highway somewhere near Tseri village. This road seams to be nice, but on the map I found an even shorter way, avoiding another long way of main roads. I tried to get to this road for the past two trips, but each time I was getting lost, making a round of 30 km in Nicosia suburbs, but I think today I have finally find the right path which allows to leave highway near Tseri and go directly to the road I need (I am going to Intercollege which is somewhere near Strovolos area).