Its been a while since I posted here and I think it will be another while until I post here something worth of reading again. These days I don\’t feel like i want to write something anywhere, nor any clever ideas visit my head :( Probably the problem is in my daily trips to Nicosia for studies which mess my head completely. In a week time I will have holidays in the college and I will be able to get better sleep or a couple of weeks that will hopefully help me, unless that, can\’t promise anything…

Discovering the roads of Nicosia

Being a person from Limassol, I just hate the way of roads organized in Nicosia. Everything is so bloody complicated and non-logical for me, but due to the fact that I have to travel to Nicosia four times a week, I have to find out a way to survive.

Until recently I was just taking main roads in order not to get lost, but this takes a lot of time, especially in the mornings when there is a lot of traffic. The solution was to use Google Maps which has a quite nice picture of the Nicosia, to find the ways which are not used a lot. I managed to save 5-10 minutes of driving by leaving highway somewhere near Tseri village. This road seams to be nice, but on the map I found an even shorter way, avoiding another long way of main roads. I tried to get to this road for the past two trips, but each time I was getting lost, making a round of 30 km in Nicosia suburbs, but I think today I have finally find the right path which allows to leave highway near Tseri and go directly to the road I need (I am going to Intercollege which is somewhere near Strovolos area).

Finally got to ski

I used to ski a lot when I was in Russia, but since I left it almost 6 years ago, I had only one attempt to ski a couple of years ago, but that one wasn\’t that good since I had to rent the ski equipment (which was very bad condition) and so on and so forth.

This Thursday, Michael had brought me all my equipment from Moscow (thanks to him for bringing the stuff and to my mom for preparing everything before shipment), so I decided to go up to the Troodos mountains and have some fun.

First, on Saturday, Lana, Olga and me went there and found out that there were some problems with electricity, which was fixed around lunch time. The session was rather short, but was enough for me to remember the skiing basics and for Lana to get into skiing.

Sunday we went with Michael joining all of us. We were a bit late and the session was also kinda short, but Lana continued with getting onto skiing, Olga tried skiing as well (and she also liked it) while Michael chose the snow board and also joined the snow fan company.

I have the photos here (more of them are coming), though it is kinda hard to take a camera with you while skiing. Anyway, I hope we will continue with skiing in this nice company of people during weekends. Thanks to Lana for driving us with her 4wd car, it wouldn\’t be possible to make skiing otherwise ;)