One year with IPTP

Today is exactly one year as I am working at the position of Technical Director of Fredonia Trading Ltd (Cyprus part of IPTP Networks).

This year was really impressive:

First of all is the team – very nice, highly professional, helpful and just great people. It is a real pleasure to be a part of such team. After one year I really feel to be in the team, where everyone helps me and I do my best to help them. It is a very rare case when that many people can work together without problems and with full understanding. As the nature of the company structure is more flat, everyone feels equal part and stupid situations when people from top push guys at the bottom and the bottom hates top is out of the scope of this company.

Second thing is a huge experience. Never before I worked in the IT company of such scale where the amount of knowledge that flies around you in the air is such huge. Moreover, not only one gets experience, anyone is also free to share their own and it is accepted strait away. This is really nice when people talk and listen each other that much and apply common knowledge gathered from the pieces of everyone’s mind into one solid and huge knowledge base. it looks like the fountain of never-ending information, best practices, technical things, uncommon bugs and so on.

Third is the scale in general. Such big infrastructure creates a lot of branches and different fields that whatever interests you have – you can find something that matches you and contribute there, while mastering new skills and abilities in other fields of the company activity.

Through-out this year I was involved in many different projects, technical discussions and implementations, arguments, meetings, paper works and so on that I am still hard to realize the year is gone. I really feel that I just started and the most fun is still ahead.

So thanks to all the guys who made me this year at IPTP, I really enjoy it and hope we will continue in the same manner to provide our customers with high quality service, enhance and grow our infrastructure while still working in a close team of good friends.


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