Waiting for Android

As my old Sony Ericsson P1i is almost dead and going that direction very fast, I had to do something about it. Since I am not in a position to buy an expensive smartphone now, but still wanted an Andoid phone, order myself a Samsung Galaxy 3 (i5800) for EURO 140 only – nice price for a phone that can serve me for a while until I get something better.

Going around the web and checking what’s there for Android, I found a huge amount of apps, and for sure, when I will have a phone with me (expected to ship within 10 days), I will be installing and checking a lot of stuff, but since a lot of you already have an Android phone, it would be nice to hear your recommendations on different applications. What do you run and like? Put it this way: which apps you will install¬†immediately if you change your phone to another Android?

Actually, any recommendations would be better than nothing, so while I have few days before I have a phone, I can go and check, as well as safe some time on trying apps, since I know a lot of them duplicate each others functionality.

Comments from you are highly appreciated :-)

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