Printing Address Labels from MS Outlook

Today I had to find a way to print address labels (the ones that a sticked on to the mail envelopes) from MS Outlook contacts. After looking around for a while I found a way to do it through MS Word and I think that this is too complicated, but no other ways were found, so here is how I had to do such a simple (from the first glance) thing:

1. Go to MS Outlook and find all contacts for which I needed to create labels

2. Copy all those contacts found in step 1 to some temporary contact folder

3. Open MS Word

4. Go to Tools -> Letters and Mailings -> Mail Merge from the top menu

5. In the right panel (Mail Merge) select Label as a document type and press Next: Starting document at the bottom of the pane

6. Press Label Options… link in the right pane and select a format of the labels I want in the popped up dialog.

7. Press OK to close the dialog and Next: Select recipients link in the right pane

8. Choose Select from Outlook contacts option in the right pane

9. Press Choose Contacts Folder link (still in the right pane)

10. Select a temporary contact folder created in step 2 from the list in the popped up dialog and press OK to close the dialog

11. Review the list of contacts fetched by MS Word from the selected folder and press OK to confirm (in the new popped up dialog)

12. Press Next: Arrange your labels link at the bottom of the right pane

13. Select Address block… option link in the right pane

14. Customize the contact fields to be included in the popped up dialog and press OK

15. Press Update all labels button in the right pane to update all cells in the document template

16. Press Next: Preview your labels link in the right pane

17. Press Next: Complete the merge link in the right pane

18. Press Print… link in the right pane

19. Press OK in the popped up dialog leaving All option selected

And only after all the steps above I had labels printed.

I think this is way too long and complicated. If anybody knows the better way – please let me know.

7 thoughts on “Printing Address Labels from MS Outlook”

  1. Open Word (this is Office 2003; there’s probably something similar in Office 2000)
    Select Tools, Letters and Mailings, Mail merge
    Document type is Directory
    Use the current document, select Next
    Select from Outlook Contacts
    Choose Contacts folder
    Address block

  2. Thank you, your blog saved me a lot of time after I had already tried to figure out how to print labels by googling and using MS Help, which is not as clear as your instructions.

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