Registered to the college

I have finally registered to the college for the Spring-06 semester. I took four classes, some of them a required to complete the diploma program and one from bachelor program.

Have paid a bunch of money again and occupied a lot of time with studies :(

8 thoughts on “Registered to the college”

  1. Courses:
    – Calculus and Analytical Geometry 2 (diploma)
    – Database Programming (diploma)
    – Business Communication (bachelor)
    – Ancient and Medieval Christian Thought (elective)

    If I pass the first two I will get diploma at the end of this semester.

  2. Database programming is easy. And it’s a fun course too.
    Calculus sucks. I failed it a couple of times before passing.
    Business communications was boring at a time, but I realized how useful it was when I started working in a large company.
    The thought thing – I have no idea about. ;)

  3. Database programming is not a lot about actual programming, instead it is more theoretical class explaining ERDs, Symantic Objects and that stuff. In addition it is very tight on MS Access and contains to much stuff about DBMS like forms, macroses and others instead of just database stuff.

    Calculus sux and I have failed it twice already :( Hopefully will pass it now since I can’t stand it anymore. All of this things are just too abstract and seems useless, and that is what makes it hard for me to understand. In addition it is very boring.

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