X Composite and KDE 3.5.1

I\’ve been playing around the Composite extension for X and KDE 3.5.1 today and I found great improvements over the last time I when I touched this issues. Now the transparency is much faster and shadows work very fast. I have made some snapshots to demonstrate the nice look (the images are quite big, around 1MB each):
snapshot1.jpg – inactive window
snapshot2.jpg – inactive and active window
snapshot3.jpg – two inactive windows one overlays the other.

All of these effects are rendered fast (with no lags and almost invisible delays when it comes to transparency) on my hardware:

3.2GHz Intel Pentium with 512RAM and Intel i915 integrated video chipset.

3 thoughts on “X Composite and KDE 3.5.1”

  1. Looks cool! Not too useful for me though.. Either I have a single maximized active window, or I have a few consoles and I want to see all of them with no transparency. :)

    But I can see how this will attract new people to KDE. :)

  2. I know that this is not usefull neither for you nor for me, but it really looks cool. To be honest I am not using this as well, since I do exactly like you described: many virtual desktops with specific applications fullscreen opened on them.

    This was just to demonstrate the options. Especially when many people are waiting for Win Vista to come up and which promisses to have something similar :) If this is the only feature one is interested in in Vista, why not to try KDE right now instead of waiting for another months when Vista is out :)

    BTW, there are some shadow effects as well which might be usefull for you ;) (you can set them without transparency)

  3. too much processing power, which you don’t know how to use? actually IMHO the problem is the technical ability to have those shadows and transaprency isn’t enough. To make it really usefull UI engineers and designers need to actually …. design it. then there is a chance that it will be as eye-candy as OSX

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