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Since our office is in Science Park of Amsterdam, right next to the University of Amsterdam, sometime people go to the university cafeteria for lunch. It’s been some time now I wanted to check out the place and see student’s life, so today I agreed to join my collegues and have a lunch there.

First impression is very good: large hall, lot’s of students, all looks friendly. So we went for trays, and were looking around to choose what we gonna eat. There were quite a few serving tables with different things on them. At the first one I saw some soups like tomato or onion. Second table had some green salads and cold spaghetti, third had plain tomatoes, cucumbers and so on, one more table had sandwiches and so on. While we were going around I first tried to find proper meals with meat and some fries or whatever, but I was told there is none. OK, when I was studying in Nicosia’s branch of Intercollege, we had a place with proper meals, but in Limassol we could have only mixed sandwiches, so I thought to get one of those here to have at least something, but then I failed as well: only slices of bread with cheese. After few minutes searching and asking my friends we realize there is no meat at all.

And now is a question: how come can you have a college cafeteria which has no any kind of meat? Not even ham or similar :-(((

Ended up having some green crap and cheese, feel like my stomach is fool, but I still feel very hungry. While it is OK with me and I will have some meet and beer in the evening, but I feel really sorry for the students. In the times when I was studying, we used to spend quite some time in the college and all of us had proper sandwiches with ham, cheese, chicken and some more nice stuff if not everyday, at least few times a week.

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  1. I know it is different cultures, but Amsterdam has a lot of visitors, especially students, from all over the world. It is very international place if you look at it, so it would be nice to have at least something non-national for foreigners.

  2. Hi!

    I’m a vegan. I can barely eat anything in the school cafeteria either at AUC or UvA Science Park. It’s terrible to read that someone who is older and “wiser” describes real food as: “meat and some fries or whatever”. The reason for why you don’t get satisfied and satiated for longer when you eat vegetarian food is probably because it’s composed in the wrong way. A dense food such as meat cannot be replaced with lettuce, that should go without saying.

    “green crap and cheese”


  3. Hi Alex!
    I eat meat. I am really disappointed with the University of Amsterdam cafeteria. It is rude violation of the rights of those people who want to eat meat. I believe that everyone in this world has his right to choose what to have in his plate: meat, vegetables or both. It is absolutely impermissible to let someone decide this for you because in the future your children may not have chance to eat what they want.
    Let’s gather people and write a collective petition according this case.
    For justice, for free choice!

  4. The cafeteria is probably an external entity, not part of the University itself. Either way, it seems like a business venue. And as any other business venue, it has the right to choose what to sell and what not to sell.

    Gladly, it’s not the only food spot in Amsterdam. If you don’t like what they offer, go somewhere else. It’s that simple.

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