Mount and Win Srv 2003

I had faced a problem with mounting Win Srv 2003 shares to linux box (particularly FC4). The usual way for me to mount was: mount -t smbfs -o username=user,password=pass //host/share /mount/point

This time it was giving me an error: cli_negprot: SMB signing is mandatory and we have disabled it.

After some searches in Google I found out about mount.cifs which solves all the problems. From now on, whenever I need to mount a share from Win Srv 2003 I use a command mount -t cifs -o user=username,pass=password //host/share /mount/point or an entry in /etc/fstab: //host/share /mount/point cifs auto,user=username,pass=password,rw 0 0

2 thoughts on “Mount and Win Srv 2003”

  1. well… your ideas helped me with my win2003 domain controller after migrating from rh9 to fc4. i got some scripts that had to proccess some files from some win2003 share and couldn’t really mount it by issuing mount //ip/share /linuxdir -o username=user,password=pass :(.
    recently, i really like to mount it via /etc/fstab line:
    //server/share /mnt/directory cifs rw,username=domainuser,password=domainpass 0 0

    i choose to choose life (trainspotting)

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