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Upgraded to Fedora 19

As Fedora 19 was released, I decided to go ahead and upgrade my laptop. First of all: Gnome is getting worse with every release. More fancy aka-Mac view, less customization and more annoying useless things around. So my patience ended and I decided to follow my brothers example and migrate to MATE. It took some [...]

One year with IPTP

Today is exactly one year as I am working at the position of Technical Director of Fredonia Trading Ltd (Cyprus part of IPTP Networks). This year was really impressive: First of all is the team – very nice, highly professional, helpful and just great people. It is a real pleasure to be a part of [...]

PrimeTel (part 2, final)

Just to be fair, I would like share the continuation of the story about PrimeTel for private users that I posted recently. The issue was brought to the attention of PrimeTel and today I have received a call from their office where kind lady tried to sort out the issues and help me with my [...]

PrimeTel for private users disappointment

First of all I would like to note that this post is not applicable for PrimeTel corporate/business cases as all works pretty fine in that section and support is really great. More over this post is not about technical quality of PrimeTel (even for home users) as I am using them for more 3 years [...]

Anyone still trust Skype?

Now, this is something really weird! I never feel trustfully with regards to the subj, but this is getting way too far: Anyone who uses Skype has consented to the company reading everything they write. The H‘s associates in Germany at heise Security have now discovered that the Microsoft subsidiary does in fact make use of this privilege [...]

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