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WP Plugins problem solved

I have finally found what was wrong with some plugins (including SK2) on my WP installation. First of all, a couple of times I was receiving the error that running script had exceeded the max amount of allowed memory (which was 8M), while trying to push 14M, so I just increased the number to 16M in the /etc/php.ini.

Second, I have increased the size of the output buffer, which is initially 4096, to 8192. The idea is that output buffer allows scripts to issue headers after (or in the middle) of the content outputting. This is done by buffering the content output, then catching the header, displaying it and then displaying the content. In my case I had a problem: while trying to activate some plugins, I was given a dialog to download the plugin.php file. This behavior was caused by wrong/missing header, because the amount of buffered data was exceeding 4096 bytes. By doubling this amount I solved all my problems for the time being.

Site modifications

Here we go, some more modifications on this blog:

  1.  It seems that I have finally found a nice theme: Lorem Ipsum v1.2.7 by Brajeshwar which I have modified here and there to match me (including the addition of the top widget where I have placed a flickr badge, adjusting the CSS and some more).
  2. I have started writting an About Me page which I hope will become somehow more consistent and full in a time. I am also planning for some additional pages later on (hopefully).
  3. As I have mentioned in point 1, I have created a widget for displaying the badge from my flickr page.
  4. The links (including blogroll and others) were recategorized. I have also added/removed some and I am planning to create a full blogroll page later on where I will place the whole bunch of links I am reading and watching on a daily basis.

I think that more changes will be comming from time to time. Meanwhile, if you see any bugs/mistypes/misbihaviours, please fill free to let me know so I can review and correct em all.

WordPress stuff

It is few days now I am using new WP 2.2 and I feel like I like it :) Though I didn\’t yet managed to find a solution to my SpamKarma 2 problem, it still like it. For fighting spam bots, I have installed Bad Behavior plugin to cut off some crap, but I still have to go through the comments moderation process on a daily basis.

On the other hand, I start using widgets now and I like them a lot. I think in some time there will be a lot of widgets available from WP related sites (as currently there are a log of plugins).

I have also changed the theme since I am not in the mood of adjusting my old one, nor I am going to design something new. If anyone wants to try and make me a theme (with widget support) – I will be more than happy.

WP upgrade

I have upgrade WP to 2.2. Looks nice. Widgets are all cool as well. There is only one problem for me now – SpamKarma 2. When I am trying to activate it, something is going wrong with the headers and I get offered to download plugins.php file instead of the plugin to start working. Due to this problem, I had to put manual comments moderation until I find a solution, so if you can not see your comment after you posted, then it is in a moderation Q.